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"Then comes a Mixed-Up Day. And WHAM! I don't know who or what I am! But it all turns out all right, you see. And I go back to being...me." Dr. Seuss, My Many Colored Days

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Today’s summer project: sight word fishing! Michael’s was having a sale on cool scrap booking papers, so I picked up a few sheets each of a fish pattern and a water pattern, and papered a little tub with them. I got a couple of cheap fishing rods from the dollar store, and hot glued magnets onto the hooks. Now I’m in the process of making the sight word fish (I need to pick up some magnet tape for them at some point)…I’m thinking the first grade words will all be on fish-shaped fish, and anything else (like the starfish and octopus above) will be “challenge” words. Students lay out the fish word side down, magnet side up, and go fishing! Once a fish is caught, they keep it if they can read the word and “toss it back” if they can’t. I already have a sight word fishing game but the paper fish are very beat up and the fishing rods were just pencils with magnets on string, plus the game was just kept in a plastic baggie, so this is quite an upgrade!

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    why teachers should make 100k a year
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