Mixed-up Days

"Then comes a Mixed-Up Day. And WHAM! I don't know who or what I am! But it all turns out all right, you see. And I go back to being...me." Dr. Seuss, My Many Colored Days

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Planets made out of Model Magic, painted with watercolors. I love Model Magic, although I don’t use it often as it’s pretty expensive. My students have been writing stories since last week about discovering a new planet (what it’s like, what lives there), so my original intent was to have them sculpt their pretend planets. But many students asked if they could make a real planet from our own solar system instead, which pleased me no end. I loved how they really put a lot of thought into their sculptures, both the realistic planets and the fantasy ones (“I am painting this part blue because it’s water here, and this part is red because it’s a giant volcano!” “Mine is a gas giant so I’m putting lots of swirly clouds.”).

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